Few comms strategies today are without the integration of influencer marketing, which has evolved from the humble days of makeup bloggers in the noughties through to the multi-platform digital content creators and entrepreneurs of today.

‍At DMC, we have watched and played part in this transformative industry, experiencing its challenges and developments for almost ten years. Influencer outreach is at the core of many of our clients’ strategies and one that we can expertly weave into their objectives, narratives and campaigns. The numbers and reach are just one of the elements to factor into an influencer campaign. We carefully scrutinise any potential influencer talent on behalf of our clients to ensure the partnership offers the right fit for their brand and demographic. This helps us to guarantee that any resulting campaigns will generate the best, and importantly, most authentic results possible.

From working with Olympic athletes on magnesium-infused water taps to help fuel performance, to providing premium kitchens and bathrooms that have helped create the architecturally spectacular homes of some of the interior world’s most famous faces, we’ve secured countless successful partnerships that have garnered outstanding results and exceeded targets.

Some of the biggest names in the interiors, lifestyle and fashion online communities feature our clients’ products in their homes – do you recognise any of these faces?