Trend Update: Restorative Neutrals

October 28, 2021

In recent years, our homes have moved away from grey and stark white walls as we look to warm up our schemes and instead, lean towards shades of greige, almond and more milky hues. This resurgence follows the demand for our homes to be welcoming, cocooning spaces that bring comfort. A sanctuary and haven.

Alloy By Bushboard

Take inspiration from the Queen of Neutrals, Kelly Hoppen, add balance and warmth to your home with a palette of pale shades. Consider varying tones of beige, taupe and warm white to keep the aesthetic soft and soothing while also adding depth to a simple scheme. Alternatively, incorporate botanical hues which are found in nature, such as earthy pinks and sage greens to add a pop of interest while maintaining the feeling of grounding.


Suited to modern and classic interiors, a neutral palette can be used throughout the home for a continued flow, or simply incertain rooms like a bedroom or living room where you seek an additional sense of calm.

Keep a simple scheme interesting with the addition of varying textures such as wood, rich wools and velvet as well as plants to encourage overall wellbeing.

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