Commentary Charts scores Christmas goal

Clive Tyldesley and Chris Stark

This start-up, e-commerce sports memorabilia business from legendary football commentator Clive Tyldesley and BBC Radios 1’s Chris Stark, absolutely nailed its first Christmas – thanks to our campaign driven purely by social, influencers and digital PR. From celebrity and influencer friends to a sophisticated paid social retargeting campaign, we made sure a commentary chart was THE gift under the tree for 2020. The charts, which are meticulously researched and compiled by Clive Tyldesley, display his authentic match notes for some of the world’s biggest football games. Coverage across top tier media gift guides from GQ, Glamour, Esquire, Mail Online, MSN and Talk Sport delivered a huge ROI and actual trackable sales. Organic shares from sport and lifestyle influencers that we gifted samples to created huge peaks in traffic leading to a big increase in sales in December exclusively through the Commentary Charts website. To add some sparkle to the lockdown festive period we also supported the company alongside our friends at Cube Video in launching their first Christmas Day YouTube quiz which was lauded by friends and customers! Try it out