Fisher & Paykel x London Design Festival

Fisher & Paykel

With the global pandemic comes the fact that our home lives are changing - but what does this mean for designers and consumers? During 2020’s virtual London Design Festival we co-ordinated a hugely insightful virtual panel for Fisher & Paykel exploring the ever-changing design landscape in kitchens and homes during lockdown and beyond. With just two weeks to turn it around and a 12-hour time difference to contend with in New Zealand, we swiftly rose to the challenge and set up this exclusive virtual round table for 50 guests including renowned designers and influencers. The panel, hosted by journalist Amy Moorea Wong, invited F&P designer Simone Stephens, interior designer and founder of Nune Sheena Murphy and leading content creator Susanna Hawkins to discuss the rapid evolution of kitchen design in the last six months. The event was shared with an audience of more than 600,000 across LDF'S channels as well as design bible Dezeen.